A Mighty Boy

What would you do if a stranger told you your son was going to die?

Silas is ten years old when the headaches start. A few days later, his parents are told that he has only months left to live. In A Mighty Boy, Silas’s mother traces her family’s journey from that first moment in the hospital, through their battle – against insurmountable odds – with a brain tumour named “BOB”, to Silas’s death and beyond.

Her profoundly moving and honest account shows that it is possible to find the strength for a journey that no mother should ever have to make; that it is possible to find a new way to live, even when death is knocking. It is all about confronting grief – in all its raw and ugly guises – instead of shutting it away behind closed doors. And it is about learning to savour every moment of the here and now, whilst learning to let go.

At its heart, A Mighty Boy, is a story of the love between a mother and a son. It is a book about somehow surviving the death of a child. But most of all it is a book about a small, smiling, mighty boy.

Praise for A Mighty Boy:

“Raw and beautiful…an important book.” – Clover Stroud, author of The Wild Other

“Heartbreaking…Sarah Pullen shows what matters most in life is the love we feel for our family.” – Julia Samuel, author of Grief Works

“A shocking journey…told with such luminous clarity, balance and intelligence that hope always shines through. Enlightening, brave, honest and finally uplifting. A necessary and important book.” – Alice Jolly, author of Dead Babies and Seaside Towns

“Full of insight, wisdom and tender observation…a mother’s pure love on every page.” – Jeremy Page, author of Salt

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All the author’s proceeds from the book will be going straight to The Silas Pullen Fund – a charity set up under the umbrella of The Brain Tumour Charity.